sexual counseling

Sexual counseling can have a positive effect on your partnership, your sexuality and your self-image. Counseling can scrutinize your familiar habits and invites you to self-determination.


In my experience, it is worthwhile to be courageous - especially when you are afraid of change. That you have landed on my site shows me that you want to change something in your life, your partnership and / or your sexuality.



I can accompany you in your changing process, because sexuality is NOT innate but is learned in the course of life! 




  • Do you have low sexual desire and that disturbs you and/or your partner?
  • Do you want to learn to enjoy sexual pleasure or want to learn how to orgasm?
  • Do you want to get confident to tell your partner what you want or you both want to find out together ?
  • Do you want to re-discover your gone desire and lust?
  • Do you lack sexual experience and have questions that you can´t ask to anyone else?

"Really interesting becomes sexual education once one gets homework."


how i work

Based on my own personal and professional experience I combine the medical with the tantric aspect in my work.


As a trained physiotherapist and due to the influence of my education as  a sexologist in the concept of Sexocorporel my work is body work orientated. I use a lot of exercise which lead you into sensing and feeling your own body and it´s needs. Another important component is working with your own boundaries and communicating them.  Knowing what you like and to announce this, is an essential component for an enjoyable sexual life.


But conversations are not neglected. Your willingness to practice and taking a look into yourself is essential to change something.

Oh, and by the way: clothes stay on!

First consultation

In a free initial consultation (about 20 minutes), we will discuss your concerns and questions.
The first meeting is a first "Get to know each other" - because a working relationship
also needs a "good chemistry".

Both of us get the opportunity to examine whether we would like to work with each other or not.


Sexual counseling is not part of the health insurance and the costs have to be covered privately.

1 hour costs 60 EUR for people outside of Denmark /600 DKK for clients living in Denmark.

Appointments are binding and will be charged if not canceled 24 hours in advance.


Appointments can take place in Copenhagen or over Skype.