wanting to improve your love life?

Many people say that sex ought to function "all by itself"- without needing to talk about “it” (especially with a stranger)! Luckily this might be the case, but what if it is not functioning by itself? 


  • Do you have low sexual desire and that disturbs you and/or your partner?
  • You cannot enjoy sexual pleasure?
  • You do not know exactly what you or your partner might want in bed and want to find out?
  • Has your lust disappeared and you want to find it again?
  • You do not know how best to say what you want to your partner?
  • You lack sexual experience and have questions that you can ask to no one else?

Then contact me for sexual counseling!

Sexuality is communication!

It is talking and listening to your own body- and to the other body. It is the language of lust and love towards your partner. Without exchange sexuality is hardly possible. Verbally and non-verbally, before, there and afterwards.

sexual counseling

The constant presence of sex-themes in the media  superficially assumes that we are open about sexuality, but when it comes to sexual difficulties, this is a different case. It is not easy to talk to someone about it, let alone to seek help. The medial presentation of desire and lust and owns own experienced reality are often lying miles apart.
Every person carries the potential for having a 
satisfying and fulfilling sexuality! You too!


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