About myself

Bild: Ueber mich
Kathrin Gramsch

A verbally relaxed, humorous (yes, I do love frogs!), open and emotionally beneficial way of dealing with sexuality is very important to me. This is paired with a deep and appreciative openness in my communication, in my private life as well as with you as my client.


As a child, I did not grow up in a sex-friendly environment. I have never seen my parents naked and I grew up believing that sex is something that women have to endure in order to bind their own partner.


It took me quite some time until I could accept and love my body as it is and that helped to enjoy my love life. Getting to know my boundaries and communicating them gave me the trust to expand them.  It is a still an ongoing journey. 


I am german, living  in Denmark. Sessions can be in english, german and danish. 

"love ist the answer, but while waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions."

woody allen

why am I doing what i´m doing

I want to work  towards a closer connection, warmth and desire with the partner to get away from sex as performance or obligation -- and all this with pleasure and joy!

I would like to support others in finding the beauty and power which lays in the sexual energy, so that they can use it for a joyful and connected life with others.


I want to add my part towards  the creation of a different sexual culture. So that we overcome the still existing separation from above/brain and heart and below/genital. And that we are learning to use one's body as a "principal adviser" to decide for what is good for ourselves.

Professional qualification

From 1994 until 2007 I worked as a physical therapist. While working I graduated in health management and became a project manager for international EU projects at different universities in Germany and Denmark.  Back in 2006 I started to become professionally interested in the topic sexuality. I took several trainings, educations and workshops  with the focus on sexuality, bodywork, breath-and energywork, working with couples etc. 

Currently I am in the training as clinical sexologist at the Zurich Institute for Clinical Sexology and Sexual Therapy (ZISS) and finished in October 2017 the basic course (1st stage) Sexocorporel.

I am a member of the Danish Association for clinical sexology (DACS)


Some courses that have influenced my work:

Tangoteacher since 2002

Tantra full year training at Schule des Seins 2011

Assistant in the Tantra years training 2014-15 and diverse Workshops at Schule des Seins 2012-2015

Tantratraining at Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute (CHAI) 2014-2016

Being with People Group leading training 2015-2016

G-Spot and female ejaculation with Deborah Sundahl

Quodoshka I with Batty Gold and Rose Fink

Sexological Bodywork  at the International Institute For Sexological Bodywork IISB®

New Me Now, Breath and bodywork with J.D.Thomas

Full Body Energetic Orgasm with Andrew Barnes

Energetic Body Work with Sasha Cobra

Jade Egg Pleasure Programme, Layla Martin

Cervix Release Training with Olivia Bryants Selfcervix programme