About mE

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Kathrin Gramsch

My approach to life is open and playful and I appreciate deep conversations both in my private life as well as with my clients in a friendly atmosphere.


As a child, I grew up in an environment where sex was taboo. I have never seen my parents naked. I grew up believing that sex is something that women must endure to keep their partner in the relationship. Now I appreciate and take personal satisfaction in teaching others the pleasure that a fulfilling love-life can bring.


Danish is my second language along with English and I have lived in Nørrebro for many years. It shares the same pulsating multicultural life as my old neighborhood Kreuzberg in Berlin, where I lived back in my twenties and thirties. I love living in Denmark, being so close to the sea and I enjoy winter bathing.

And yes, i do like frogs!

"love ist the answer, but while waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions."

woody allen (regisseur)

why am I doing what i'm doing?

Move away from sex as a performance-based obligation, towards closer connections with yourself and others – and towards enjoyment and pleasure – by learning to use your body as a “consultant”. It is often a valuable shortcut and key to understanding and solving a range of deep issues that the consciousness and logical-thinking brain are unable to overcome. This is what I am aiming towards.


Discover the beauty and power of clear sexual energy

Enjoying a joyful and connected life with yourself and others requires stripping back the layers of second-guessing to uncover natural emotions. I want to do my part to create a different sexual culture. Where “Me Too” debates become redundant and powerplays are unnecessary. Where we can change the still present division between the saint (the brain) and the sinner (the body) with sex used as a bargaining chip. Instead we can embrace a holistic culture in which all facets of human beings are welcome in healthy balance.

Professional qualifications

From 1994 until 2007 I worked as a physical therapist. While working, I graduated in health care management and became a project manager for international EU projects at various universities in Germany and Denmark. In 2006, I began to become professionally interested in the field of sexuality.

After taking several training courses, qualifications and workshops on sexuality, bodywork, breathing and energy work, couples therapy, I completed my sexologist training at the Zurich Institute for Clinical Sexology and Sexual Therapy (ZISS) in 2017 and am now a member of the Danish Association for clinical sexology (DACS).


Since 2022 I am studying to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner here in Denmark which I finish in September 2024.


In 2019, I started additional training with Bodynamic, which is a method within somatic developmental psYchology that specialises in the quality of contact and healthy relationships.


I am also an intercultural trainer and coach. My own experience as a long-term German resident living in Denmark, combined with extensive theoretical knowledge gained from my coaching education, forms the ideal basis for understanding underlying cultural difficulties and helping mixed Danish-English-German couples with many questions.


The specially tailored counselling sessions I provide help bring a sense of playful pleasure and sparkle back for singles and couples who take the first step and give me a call.