Would you like to take on a journey to

enhance greater pleasure in your life,

inside as well as outside of bed? 

Claim your pleasure

A course for women, people with a vulva and those who identify as women.

Being able to express your boundaries, saying yes and no, choosing and asking for what you need - these are some of the basic tools for opening up to pleasure. We acquire these tools by learning to trust in ourselves and holding on to our boundaries, so that we can give in to our enjoyment. In this course you will learn how to become that joyful, playful, and lustful person you always have been. Has she been hiding away and would you like to invite her to come out and play?


In this training you will

  • return to the source of your pleasure and lust
  • learn about consent and boundaries
  • awaken your body to its full potential for pleasure, lust and arousal
  • learn how to overcome resistance and get a better contact with your feelings and
  • gain some basic familiarity with the neuroscience of sexual pleasure so that you also can understand it on a mental level

Each evening we will focus on one of three topics - Consent and boundaries, self-pleasure, and pleasure with others. We will explore each topic using guided body exercises as well as questions to reflect about our behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, motivations, and desires. You will get some theoretical background about each topic, like the underlying neurological and psychological mechanisms involved. The evening will be concluded with a sharing circle, in which you are encouraged to strengthen our sisterhood by expressing yourself from the heart and practice mindful listening, both to ourselves and to others. You will also get some take-home exercises for continuing the journey until we see each other again. We will see each other 3 times over a course of 6 weeks.



this WS took place in 2021, no dates for 2022 set



Early Bird 900 dkk with registration by 1st of September, 1150 dkk after 1st of September. Register over email.


For more information call 60558172 or send me an email at info@deinliebesleben.de


Looking forward to welcoming you!