sexual counselling For singles and couples

We are all born as sexual beings, before life begins shaping and forming us. Sexuality is like a seed inside of us, waiting to be nurtured in order to flourish. We are never too old to create new experiences and learn new skills – if we are open to the idea. There may be some hurdles along the way: Difficulty getting an orgasm, premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse, hassle with the mechanics, low sex drive and more. Very often they can be overcome if not caused by a serious medical condition.


As conversation is the primary form of therapy/counselling, how the meeting between client and therapist develops is crucial. We generally feel more secure expressing ourselves in our mother tongue as we can more easily and quickly find the words that tap directly into our emotions. The language we speak makes us feel and act differently. Cautious, insecure, bold or confident, interpretations and understandings depend on the type of "glasses" (language) we use.


Highly proficient and well-trained multi-lingual therapist

I am happy when my clients relax and open up as we comfortably unravel your sexual history and the intricacies of emotions in German, Danish and English depending on the situation and individual needs. It is a relief to be heard in a friendly setting without additional filters slowing down progress.


Sexological counselling can change your relationship, your sexuality and your self-image for the better. Most golden nuggets are found beneath the surface. In my experience, it pays to put resistance aside and be brave - especially when something requires change. The fact that you landed on my site may indicate your desire to change something in your life, your relationship and/or your sexuality.

You can do it!

"Really interesting becomes sexual education once one gets homework."

ROBERT LEMBKE (showmaster on german TV)

how i work

I combine my years of experience as a physiotherapist with my theoretical and practical training as a sexologist practicing the concept of Sexocorporel, which was developed in Montreal, Canada for bio-psychotherapeutic, medical and social-education professionals. My starting point is always the body. I use many exercises to increase your body awareness so that you learn to tune in and listen to its subtle signs. Another important aspect involves working with your own boundaries, as this empowers you to feel your limits, get closer to knowing what you want and don't want, and express this verbally. Knowing what you like and saying it out loud to your loved one is an important ingredient for enjoying your sexual life together.


I blend my medical insight with a tantric twist.


We cannot avoid calling things by their names, and that will be done with humour and care. To change something, you must be willing to look at yourself and practice – and have fun with the process.


Oh, and by the way: clothes stay on!

First consultation

Just call me and together we can clarify your challenges together and discuss how I can best support you. If my ideas sound helpful, we can schedule a session.



in my clinic: 800 dkk (60min)

Appointments are binding and will be charged if not cancelled 24 hours in advance.



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