Past Workshops


unlocking your eros

A somatic journey to discover your unique sensuality

In collaboration with Ida Helmers.

Place: Malmö, Sweden at Yoga Kendra

Date: 11th February 10:00-18:00, Tickets over


*** This is an invitation for women only. ***


“We weren't taught that pleasure is a pathway to freedom, to love, to deep lasting joy. “ / Nicola Jane Hobbs


Your relationship to your Eros is connected to your potential for pleasure in all areas of life, once we free it in one area it ripples out throughout. 

In this workshop we will observe and explore where and how we are blocking ourselves from enjoying life through our senses. Being aware of what is hindering us is the first step to be able to invite more pleasure into all areas of our lives. Through gentle embodiment exercises we will help your body release tension and stuckness so that your Eros can flow more freely. We will work with expanding our capacity to feel and be with sensual energy as a source of life force and power. 

We will combine knowledge and tools from Somatic Experiencing, Sexology (Sexocorporel approach) with Mindfulness and embodiment practices. 


*** All exercises are an invitation and we will be fully clothed at all times, there will be no physical intimate contact ***




let´s talk about sex, ladies

3 evenings of connecting, laughing, being amazed, learning, being touched... it is so enriching and invigorating to deal with the topic of sexuality among women.
I invite you to 3 meetings in this special women's circle, starting on September 20th, where we have time in small groups (max. 10 women) to explore the topic of sexuality. This can be anything from how to better communicate what you want from you partner(s), learning about arousal modes and (maybe new) masturbation techniques, your s3xual fantasies and desires, s3xtoys , difficulties around Orgasm or whatever the group is interested in.
There will be time to hear where everyone stands, what's on your mind, time to exchange information, try things out, ask questions, look for answers...time to turn to the topic lovingly and above all with each other.
I will lead the evenings, there will be sharing circles, meditations and awareness exercises, moments of experience, information, exchange as well as space and openness to see where the interest of the group wants to go deeper.
20th September 2022
4th of October 2022
18th October 2022


Time: 17:30- 19:30
Price: 175 DKK per evening
mobilpay 60558172 and your spot is secured.


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Full Body Energy Orgasm

Are you curious about what a “full body orgasm” is all about? Do you wonder what sexual energy feels like in your body - or maybe you want to know more about how you can enhance the energy you are already feeling?
In this workshop  I will give toghether with Anders Lorentz Lundell you get the opportunity to experience and perceive sexual energy as an independent energy - without linking it to a partner, love or sexual activity. It can show you ways to question and expand your previous sexuality.


For many men and women, sex is often very goal-oriented. The goal is ejaculation and a quick peak orgasm. But what if the goal no longer matters? If we simply indulged in the sensations and didn't aim for a goal? Feel what is NOW, with you and with your counterpart and in togetherness?
Saturday, 12. NOVEMBER 2022 from 09:30 BIS 17:30
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Faboulous females

I kooperation med dansestudio Sweet Burlesque holder jeg den master class "Fabolous Females" 28 November 2021. Denne klasse  handler om krops positivitet, grænsetraining, kvindelige anatomi og nydelse.  Tilmelding sker over Sweet Burlesque hjemmeside.

Denne workshop har allerede fundet sted. Hvis du har interesse i den så skrev til mig så jeg kan informere dig når jeg sætter den opå igen.  Her finder du flere informationer om kursens indhold