wanting to improve your love life?

Many people say that sex ought to function all by itself - without the need to talk about it (especially with a stranger)! Luckily this might be the case, but what if it is not functioning by itself? 


The constant presence of sex issues in the media is a superficial evidence of our society's open relationship with sexuality. However when it comes to sexual difficulties, it looks very different. It's hard to talk to anyone about that, let alone seek help. The depiction of pleasure and one's own experienced reality often diverge miles apart.

And even when you are quite satisfied with your sex and love life - there is more out there to explore! For example can sexual energy work expand the scope of your sexuality.


Sexuality is communication!

It is talking and listening to your own body- and to the other body. It is the language of lust and love towards your partner. Without exchange sexuality is hardly possible. Verbally and non-verbally, before, during and after.


If you want to take a closer look, explore and change your sexuality, please do not hesitate to contact me info[at]deinliebesleben.de


"Sex is hardly ever just about sex".

shirley maclaine

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