My experiences with the sexual energy bodywork with Kathrin


My intention 

I have been working for many years with Mantak Chia´s concept of sexual energy and how he uses the  male sexual energy. And I came somehow to a stop in my development with that technique. So in my sessions with Kathrin I was eager to find out if I could feel this sexual energy in my whole body and not only in the genitals. I wondered how it physically felt and how the energy could flow more freely.


First time I did not really feel very much, but gradually- especially on the 3rd and 4th session- the sensations grew from 0 to 100. The 4th meeting was mind-blowing. Every cell in my body was filled with energy. It felt like heaven and I wish I could have stayed in that state forever. It´s been an incredible journey.


It changes my way of thinking about sexuality

Normal sex is typical goal oriented, at least for me as a man, going from Zero to ejaculation. But this sexual energy work is very different. You are not sexually aroused in the same way as you normally are. And the energy is not primarily in the genitals - it moves to different parts of the body and eventually it moves all over the body.  It is about freedom. It is not about contracting the muscles - it is about letting go and relaxing into these waves of energy which is very unnatural for most men, at least it is for me. So that was probably also the reason why it took me some time and more than one session to let go and not being goal oriented.


I see it as my new sex life 2.0. and I hope to be able to use it with my sexual Partner.  It is much more powerful than „normal sex“. Not that normal sex is not good, but I would like to incorporate it and make the whole palate of things grow together.


I do not know where this will end. I do not know if the energy will move so freely on it’s own that no more sessions will be necessary, but at this point I would like to know how far these techniques can take me.



It is not only a very beautiful, pure and wonderful, deep, bodily experience, but it is also psychologically a deep experience. During the sessions I have gone through a psychological transformation. I got random pictures and feelings from my childhood just popping up in my mind. So this bodywork goes directly into some key points in my body that triggers memories and experiences that have been hiding. Those memories didn’t have anything to do with things I have been thinking about lately or within years. I went through a lot of emotions, tensions melt away, I wanted to cry and I laughed out from my heart really loud, I felt relieved.


About Kathrin

Kathrin as a fascilitator has been incredibly good in making me relax and making me letting go in the situation as a receiver, instead of being the do-er. That was really a beautiful and wonderful experience as I have been struggling with this for years. Kathrin helped me in a secure and comfortable way to learn to let go and being able to enjoy the moment. She helped me to see something that I did not know existed. I am extremely grateful and glad that this has happened and I already feel that these experiences are going to have an important impact on my life from now on.


Henrik from Copenhagen