Do you want to bring more pleasure into your life?

Not only sexually, but also in your day-to-day life?

Claim your pleasure

Limited places. 3 Levels. Starting April 13, 2021


In this course you will learn how to become that joyful, playful, and lustful person you always have been. Maybe it has been hidden away or never had a chance to fully play out?


In this training you

  •      will go back to the source of your pleasure and lust.
  •      will learn how to awake your body so that you can bring more pleasure, lust and arousal into your life.
  •      will learn how to overcome resistance and get a better contact to your feelings.
  •      will get some basic neuroscience knowledge so that you also can understand it on a mental level.

Each evening will consist of a certain focus input, sharing circle, self-reflection, guided body exercises and some homework for those who want to continue training until we see each other again at the next gathering.


  • In level 1 there will be no physical interaction with other participants, and you will do the exercises on your own and of course within your own boundaries. Focus will be sensual but not sexual.
  • Level 2 will have some engagement with other participants, all fully clothed and within your own boundaries. We will go a bit into solo-sex and different arousal patterns.
  • In level 3 we decide as a group how deep and open we want to get with each other and it is mandatory to have participated in level 2.



Level 1 (Basics): Tuesday 13th and 27th of  April 17:00 - 19:30

Level 2 (Intermediate): Tuesday 11th and 25th of May 17:00 – 19:30

Level 3 (Advanced): Date tbd-(probably a weekend in the end of May)

Place: Struenseegade 13A, 2200 Copenhagen N

Price: 750 DKK per level (for 2 evenings)



The maximum amount of participants will be in compliance with the regulations by the danish health authorities . So right now the maximum amount will be a very small group of 5, but might be adjusted to maximum of 8 (in case it will be possible again).


You want more information?


Just give me a call under 60558172 or send me an email under


Looking forward to welcoming you!