Sexual Energy Bodywork

Sexual Energy bodywork is unconventional and not easy to grip with the mind.


It is like a research expedition into unknown land.


You lie on your back on listen into your body and devote yourself completely to your sensations, while I move your own energy with very light touches or no body contact at all. You stay fully clothed and there is no direct genital stimulation. You can thus learn to perceive this fine, inner energy in your body and maybe you will discover deep, unknown feelings that are sleeping and just waiting to come to the surface.   




You are not only sexually with your sexual organs, but with the whole body - with all cells and all your senses and with an open heart.


Are you ready to take on your journey to discover sexual energy as a transforming power and fuel for your own life?


I offer sexual energy body work in Copenhagen/Denmark or group workshops Germany.


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On my Facebookpage you will find a short introduction video. 


My intention

I have been working for many years with Mantak Chia´s concept of sexual energy and how he uses the male sexual energy. And I came somehow to a stop in my development with that technique. So in my sessions with Kathrin I was eager to find out if I could feel this sexual energy in my whole body and not only in the genitals. I wondered how it physically felt and how the energy could flow more freely.


First time I did not really feel very much, but gradually- especially on the 3rd and 4th session- the sensations grew from 0 to 100. The 4th meeting was mind-blowing. Every cell in my body was filled with energy. It felt like heaven and I wish I could have stayed in that state forever. It´s been an incredible journey.


It changes my way of thinking about sexuality

Normal sex is typical goal oriented, at least for me as a man, going from Zero to ejaculation. But this sexual energy work is very different. You are not sexually aroused in the same way as you normally are. Read more